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Custom Bags - Our Specialty!

Advanced Poly-Packaging can be your one-stop-shop for poly bags!

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. manufactures custom printed or non-printed bags at our facility in Akron, OH. While pre-opened bags on rolls are most common, we will also provide bags in boxes, sideweld, wicketted, double-wall and handle bags! Add colors and special features to your custom bags. Our complete printing capabilities allow up to six colors on two sides for line, screen, and process printing. APPI also offers:

  • All Pantone colors available and also custom colors using solvent based inks.
  • Scuff resistant coatings/ varnishes to reduce scuffing or rubbing off of inks in shipment.
  • Up to six colors on both sides of the bag.
  • Printing of flood coats and screens, including ascending and blended screens.

 Hanger and Vent Hole Patterns

 APPI also offers our films for purchase. Various grades of film are available for all LLDPE grades: Grade 4 Industrial – up to 100% repro, any color, Grade 3: up to 100% repro, Grade 2: industrial grade/FDA with up to 10% APP scrap/repro, Grade 1: 0% repro – virgin grade






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  1. Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVA) Film

    Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVA) Film

    Product Code:
    • D5-EVA
    EVA FILM provides a very effective barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, & helium. Applies to laminators. Superior oxygen barriers, optical properties, and flat film caliper. Learn More
  2. VCI Film

    VCI Film

    Product Code:
    • D5-VCI
    VCI Film is non-greasy VCI, strong film. Applies to rust corrosion inhibitor, bearings, fasteners, and firearms. Long shelf life, clean, and dry. Learn More
  3. 100% Biodegradable Film

    100% Biodegradable Film

    Product Code:
    100% BIODEGRADABLE maintains strength and durability of regular films. Applies to all "green" applications. Fully biodegradable to satisfy "green" initiatives. Learn More
  4. Cast Polypropylene Film

    Cast Polypropylene Film

    Product Code:
    CAST POLYPROPYLENE FILM has outstanding clarity, strength, brittle/crisp high gloss. Applies to candy, wreaths, retail products, FDA, medical, and novelty items. Excellent clarity, stronger seals, printable, low haze, and high gloss. Learn More
  5. Mailer Film

    Mailer Film

    Product Code:
    • D5-MAILER
    WHITE/GRAY MAILERĀ FILM meets USPS material requirements. Applies to United States Postal Service Mail Pouches. Used on automatic bagging equipment. Learn More
  6. Opaque LLDPE

    Opaque LLDPE

    Product Code:
    • D5-OPAQUE
    OPAQUE LLDPE Film is opaque film front and back. Applies to FDA. Thermal printing capable Learn More
  7. High Density HDPE Film

    High Density HDPE Film

    Product Code:
    • D5-HDPE
    HIGH DENSITY HDPE is stiff, strong film, higher haze levels, and natural high slip surface. Applies to non scratch products such as silverware, lenses, or non-coated plastic, FDA, and medical. Learn More
  8. Tinted LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

    Tinted LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

    Product Code:
    TINTED LLDPE is lower cost than printed bags, larger print area for thermal printing, and extends print head life. Applies to FDA Learn More
  9. Antistat Film

    Antistat Film

    Product Code:
    ANTISTAT FILM is clean/dry (non-greasy). Clarity dependent upon concentration level. Applies to dust control, static control, electronic components, dusting products, sand, and filler materials. Learn More
  10. Clear LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

    Clear LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

    Product Code:
    • D5-LLDPE
    LLDPE LINEAR LOW/ LOW DENSITY BLEND is strong industrial clarity film. Applies to stock bags, heavy products(fasteners), FDA, and general bagging. Learn More
  11. High Barrier Film

    High Barrier Film

    Product Code:
    HIGH BARRIER is a strong film with moisture, chemical, and aroma barrier. Applies to silverware, coffee, chocolate, migrating chemicals, and aroma emitting products. Excellent impact strength, good clarity, good barrier, and long shelf life.Ā  Learn More

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