Advanced Poly currently has the following positions available:

General plant labor - material handling, shipping/receiving.  Advanced Poly requires that employees are reliable, have transportation and are motivated to stay busy while at work. 

Production / manufacturing - machine operators (blown film extrusion, flexographic printing press operator, bag machine operator).  Advanced Poly trains inexperienced operators who have good attendance and are motivated to learn.  High quality and attention to detail is a must for all operators since the product they produce is for very demanding customers.  Workers often transition to setup, quality and management positions.

Machine Assembly - Our expanding machinery department has positions available for machine assemblers, electronic assemblers, machine integrators and final testing.  If you have an eagerness to learn how machines are put together, how they work and can take pride in a machine for our customers that will last, then this may be a good job for you.

Customer Service - We often have positions in our Machine Sales, Bag Sales or Parts Sales Departments.  You must be organized and demonstrate prompt responses to customers and take satisfaction in assisting customers.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Clerical Positions - We are often expanding our accounting positions and data entry positions.  We need professionals who are willing to learn our systems and procedures.  We have a fantastic office staff that is dedicated to meeting our supplier and customer demands.

Draftsman - 2 year degree in drafting and 1 year experience in Solidworks.  Good design practices, knowledgeable and proficient in Solidworks with a great deal of attention to detail is required for this position.

Service Technician - 2 years experience in general plant maintenance or service is required.  Travel all over the world installing and/or servicing our bagging systems.  Training is also a big part of this job.  If you are sharp, have good communication skills and like to travel, this could be a good fit for you.

Graphics - we have a small Graphics Department we occasionally are looking for a graphic artist to create bag layouts, prepress layouts and communicate with customers to obtain approvals on artwork and order printing plates.  2 years experience with MAC based software is required along with good organization and communications skills.

This is a brief listing of positions at Advanced Poly.  Email if you have interest in any of these positions.

Advanced Poly HR Department often interviews employees to see if the company is doing its job to retain talented people.  The following interview was recently conducted and is posted in our Blog section to promote Advanced Poly as a great place to work. 

HR:  How did the Job (Accounts Receivable) match your expectations? 

Ann:  It was challenging as I wanted to get things caught up and up to date.

HR:  Did you feel that the work you were doing aligned with your personal goals and interests?

Ann:  Yes, I am a very organized, detail oriented person.  Accounts Receivable is right up my alley.

HR:  Did you have the tools and resources you needed to effectively do your job?

Ann:  The only piece I struggled with was when I didn't have access to Vantage and I couldn't access customer accounts.  After that, all was good.

HR:  Would you recommend Advanced Poly (to others) as a great place to work? 

Ann:  I liked the people I worked with as well as the management team.  Yes, I would recommend Advanced Poly.

HR:  What do you value about Advanced Poly?

Ann:  Having a job to come to every day.  The people here are great.

HR:  The quality of supervision is important; how was the relationship with your manager / supervisor?

Ann:  Hazel (VP) and Stuart (President) were very nice and knowledgeable when I needed assistance.  I never had an issue with anyone.

HR:  Describe the Pros and Cons of Advanced Poly?

Ann:  Pros:  Treated with respect from management.  Tasks fall within my abilities and stayed busy with work daily and benefits are available.  Cons:  none.

Other comments from Ann:  I hope that I make an impact not only with my work ethic and job performance, but also based on my personality and professionalism.  I appreciate the opportunity to work for Advanced Poly.