We’re supporting: Bags, Machines, Service, Parts/Ribbon

Governor Mike DeWine announced that the Ohio Department of Health has issued a Stay at Home order for all of Ohio, effective March 24th, through April 6th. 
Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc., is considered an “essential business” since our business is considered a “critical manufacturing and defense industrial base”.  This basically means that we produce bags and machinery which are used to package medical supplies which support the defense of the virus. 
The Governor encourages essential businesses and operations to remain open.  Advanced Poly, however, supports many other industries, besides those directly fighting this virus and as such, will not remain in full operation.  Advanced Poly will shut down a majority of our operations and will maintain a minimal workforce to meet our critical customer’s needs, whether those needs are supplies of bags, support for equipment or possibly equipment which we may have in stock. 

All of us at Advanced Poly are proud of our employees during this difficult time.  It’s a tough decision to come to work when it appears everyone is telling you to stay home.  Hopefully the current conditions will remain stable so we can look forward to returning to normal.

From the desk of Stuart Baker, President.