T-1000 Extension Funnels

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T-1000 Extension Funnels

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Product Name Price Qty
Extension Funnel 1.5" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-015
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-015
Extension Funnel 2" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-020
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-020
Extension Funnel 2.5" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-025
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-025
Extension Funnel 3" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-030
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-030
Extension Funnel 3.5" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-035
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-035
Extension Funnel 4" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-040
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-040
Extension Funnel 4.5" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-045
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-045
Extension Funnel 5" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-050
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-050
Extension Funnel 5 1/2" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-055
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-055
Extension Funnel 6" Door (AF-10)               TO-T1-AF10E-060
Sku : TO-T1-AF10E-060

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Product Code:
  • TO-T1-AFE
Order funnels that are in stock at all times with sizes ranging from a 1" opening to a 7" opening. Custom funnels are also provided to facilitate loading. Having the proper funnel and bag size for your product is very crucial to an efficient operation.
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Please refer to the following illustration to select the funnel extension with the correct opening size to match your requirements.

Extenion Funnels


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