T-1000 Flat Seal Assembly

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T-1000 Flat Seal Assembly

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FS-10 Flat Seal Assembly (Standard Frame)
Sku : TO-T1-FS10-SF
FS-10 Flat Seal Assembly (Drop Frame)
Sku : TO-T1-FS10-DF
FS-10 Flat Seal Assembly (Extended Drop Frame)
Sku : TO-T1-FS10-EF

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  • TO-T1-FS

Decreases the possibility of wrinkles in the seal area while increasing seal integrity. Pneumatically operated opposing "fingers" pull each side of the bag taught above the seal area to flatten it.

If you need further assistance in determining what frame you have, you can judge this by the plate between the roller and PTFE sheet.

•Standard Frame: No Plate

•Drop Frame: 2 Inch Plate

•Extended Drop Frame: 3 Inch Plate

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pdfStd. Frame Flat Seal Manual(288.82 KB )Download
pdfDrop Frame Flat Seal Manual(286.4 KB )Download
pdfFS30 Flat Seal Manual(316.32 KB )Download
pdfValve Station Assignment(779.75 KB )Download


This option decreases the possibility of wrinkles in the seal area while increasing seal integrity. The Flat Seal Assembly is pneumatically operated using opposing "fingers" which pull each side of the bag above the seal area to assist in flattening the seal area. Its functionality is based on TWO motions, both downward, similar to the FS-10, but also outward.

This option has two different sets of cylinders; one to pivot the fingers downward and another type of cylinder to pull the fingers outward. These are controlled by two solenoids. This function is often used in applications where both the appearance and function of the seal is critical. This option reduces the greatest amount of the wrinkles are folds. An additional feature of this version is that the fingers are already in the bag when the product is being loaded preventing the perforations from separating at the edges and causing the fingers to miss the sides.

For all versions, you must determine whether your Bagger is a Standard Frame, Drop Frame or Extended Drop Frame. To determine which configuration you have, you can simply measure the distance from the Feed Point of the bags (from the nip rollers) to the Seal Point. The following measurements are provided for each configuration:

• Standard Frame distance: 3 inches

• Drop Frame distance: 5 inches

• Extended Drop Frame distance: 7 inches (6.5 inch on wide models)

Note: Please review the photo which illustrates how to measure the distance from the feed point to the seal point.

Disclaimer: APP cannot guarantee that all wrinkles or folds will be removed. More importantly, APP cannot guarantee that the bags will not leak air, either from the bagger seal or the seal which produce the bag.


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