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UF-3000 Pre-Feeder System

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UF-3000 Pre-Feeder System

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Product Code:
  • T-UF3000
UF-3000 Pre-Feeder System
Advanced Poly has 3 versions of model UF-3000 and the version is select based on the application. The biggest consideration is product characteristics (volume, weight, density, product flow), but other considerations are, for instance:
1) bulk volume required,
2) floor-space available and
3) required feed rates.
A brief description of the "version" is as follows:
Version 1: UF-3020 Hopper Conveyor Light Duty. Hopper is built onto a cleated conveyor. This version is typically for lighter parts such as molded plastic parts. The size of the hopper is flexible as well as the width, length of conveyor, cleat spacing and cleat height. Parts should be clean and not contain chemicals or coatings which would damage a belt or other conveyor surfaces.

Version 2: UF-3040 Vibratory Hopper / Conveyor Medium Duty. Hopper is mounted to a welded construction stand and it incorporates a vibratory pan feeder. This version is typically for light to heavy parts which feed easily on a pan feeder. Parts should not have sharp corners or edges which could damage a cleated belt. Also, parts should be free of oils or other chemicals which could damage the belt.

Version 3: UF-3060 Metal Bucket Hopper Conveyor Heavy Duty. Hopper is mounted on a heavy duty stand which also supports metal buckets. This version is for heavy metal parts such as fasteners which could be coated with oil and also have sharp edges or ends.

Full product description, drawings or samples are required. Area footprint drawing and product flow routing should be provided. APP may need to run the product and perform a product evaluation before we can confirm the required specifications for this model system. APP suggests the version which we believe is best suited to meet your requirements. Finally, we confirm the specifications based on the information provided and then confirm the pricing. When an order is received, a drawing will be prepared for your approval. The drawing will provide elevations, floor-space required, infeed height, bulk hopper size (volume), discharge height, conveyor height, voltage and other detailed information. APP requires approval of the drawing prior to production.

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