Installation, Set-Up, and Training

Installation, Set-Up, and Training

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  • TS-Installation
Installation, Set-Up, and Training: Advanced Poly Service Technicians are available for all system installations. Prior to shipment, every system is run to confirm the proper operation, but during transport issues may occur which need to be resolved on-site. Start-up issues are typically resolved quickly but some may take longer.
As a result of possible start-up issues or based on your location, installation costs will vary widely. Strictly as an estimate, the following minimum costs should be considered based on your time zone/location:
Eastern USA - $3,000
Central USA - $3,500
Mountain USA - $3,500
Pacific USA - $4,000.
Mexico/Alaska/Hawaii - $4,000

This price is an estimation of the final costs for one visit, with one APP Service Technician at your site for 6-8 hours (2 day trip normally, 3-4 days typically for Western USA). Final costs for the service visit will be determined upon return to APP when we have had a chance to review all travel costs, our on-site time and travel time.

One APP technician will install & setup the equipment and train your personnel on the proper operation, preventive maintenance, adjustments and trouble-shooting procedures. Based on your location, one or more days may be required for travel. On site time is 6-8 per day typically. For each additional day required, please add $750.00 to the above costs for your estimation of the final costs.

Install Estimate (minimum cost):
Estimated Base Installation cost for your location: $_____________ (TBA)
Additional Days Estimated @ $750.00/each x _______ days = $_____________ (TBA)

NOTES: Installation costs subject to change based on travel expenses, time on site and travel time. Please allow at least TWO weeks notice for scheduling and to obtain the lowest air-fare. APP highly recommends Factory Installation whenever a printer is ordered on the system to assist with print head adjustments, software setup and label parameter setup. Prior to scheduling the service visit, please confirm that your area will be ready with electric, air, PC, software installed, etc. APP can provide a pre-installation checklist if required. APP first bills the machine (upon shipment) and will later bill the Installation, once completed.

The final pricing will be billed upon completion of installation based on these discounted rates:

On-site installation rate: $125.00/hour x _____ hours = $____________ (TBA)
Travel rate: $115.00/hour x _____ hours = $_________ (TBA)
Mileage $0.55/mile x _____ miles = $__________ (TBA)
Food allowance: $55.00/day x _____ days = $____________(TBA)
Rental vehicles: (Approximately $125.00 - $200.00 per day(actual cost will be billed))

Hotel costs: (TBA - Hotel cost vary depending upon cost to APPI. Cost may vary depending upon advanced notice)

Flying to your plant: (TBA - Flight cost vary based upon cost to APPI. Also Flight cost vary depending upon Advanced Notice)

Shipment of parts, tools and required equipment will be billed separately.

Work Performed: (to be described after all work is completed)

Model of machine being worked on: (to be completed after installation has been completed)
Serial Number: ________________________
Touch screen Version: __________________
Plc Version: ______________
Frame type: Standard Frame or Drop Frame (circle one)
Hours: ______________
Cycles: ______________

Note: Itemized invoice will show all parts billed, labor, travel and other expenses.

Approval of service: A representative of your company must sign off on the Field Service Report. Some detailed costs will appear on the Field Service Report; however, final costs will be determined upon return to APPI.



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