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Service Call

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Service Call Rates, Terms and Conditions: Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. (APP) has service techs on call to visit your site to service your bagging systems. APP requires a purchase order prior to scheduling a service visit. Since the final charges cannot be determined prior to leaving APPI, the purchase order must indicate the rates of service, or reference APPI's quote.

The following STANDARD rates are offered for your estimation of the final costs, which will be billed for each service visit:
On-site service rate: $175.00/hour
Travel rate: $145.00/hour
Mileage $0.75/mile
Food allowance: $55.00/day

Rental vehicles: Approximately $125.00 - $200.00 per day(actual cost will be billed)
Factory service rate (for any work performed at APPI): $90.00/hour

Hotel costs: Hotel cost vary depending upon cost to APPI. Cost may vary depending upon advanced notice.

Flying to your plant: Flight cost vary based upon cost to APPI. Also Flight cost vary depending upon Advanced Notice.

Shipment of parts, tools and required equipment will be billed.

APPI also offers DISCOUNTED rates to customers with Maintenance Contracts, or who place annual or multi-year blanket orders for bag and ribbon materials:
Discounted on-site rate: $125.00/hour
Discounted travel rate: $115.00/hour
Discounted Mileage rate: $0.55/mile
Discounted food allowance rate: $45.00/day
Discounted factory rate: $75.00/hour

Discounted parts pricing applies. Unless you are currently on a "Bag Contract" customer, or have a Maintenance Contract with APPI, please use the standard rates above. Other charges also apply, including but not limited to lodging, airfare, rental car and tolls. These types of charges will be billed at actual costs. If additional parts are required on-site, shipping charges will also apply.

Work Performed: (TBA)

Model of machine being worked on: (TBA)

Serial Number: _______________ (TBA)
Touch screen Version: _____________ (TBA)
Plc Version: _______________ (TBA)
Frame type: Standard Frame or Drop Frame machine?hours:cycles:

Parts: Itemized invoice will show all parts billed.

Approval of service: A representative of your company must sign off on all repairs and service performed prior to our technician departing. Some detailed costs will appear on the service report; however, final costs will be determined upon return to APPI.

**NOTE: You may want to consider sending your equipment or component to Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. to save on travel and other related expenses. Ensure freight, insurance, and other charges are pre-paid to and from APPI.


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