Stepper Motor (T-1000) Revision A

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Product Code:
  • TP-501170-1
Stepper Motor (T-1000) Revision A


Stepper Motor, Vexta Stepper Motor for current T-1000-S Models with Serial Numbers beginning with 217XXXXXX. But you must verify the model of your motor to match the photos on this page listing. Note 1: This part is used on later model T-1000-S models including T-1000-S14, S18, NBO (Next Bag Out), TYV (Tyvek), Vertical and Horizontals. Note 2: For earlier model T-1000s, this motor is not compatible with the driver. Search for Part Number TP-501170-1 for earlier model T-1000s. Rev B # PKE5913-AC (Current) Rev A # PK5913-AW (Old) Obsolete


2.20 LBS