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Case Study: Automated Shop Towel Packaging

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 06:32:11 PM

UniFirst, a workwear and textile service company in North America, provides textiles for many industries across the country. In order to meet demands, they incorporate modern processing equipment in their facilities. A key component in textile processing is packaging. Textile and linen packaging equipment has been around for several years from other manufacturers but has stopped short of providing a quality system that is completely automated, reliable, and operator-friendly. UniFirst contacted Advanced Poly to produce a system to meet those requirements.

After months of design and development, Advanced Poly was ready to test the Shop Towel bagger at a UniFirst location. Having both the competitors and Advanced Poly’s system running side by side for evaluation, Advanced Poly’s Shop Towel system outperformed the other systems by packaging at a rate of 10,000 towels per hour with no operator. This was achieved by working closely with UniFirst to understand the requirements the solution needed to provide. Advanced Poly chose to weigh the product rather than to count the product for increased speed, and to integrate automation where applicable so one operator could monitor multiple systems.

From concept to testing to production, Advanced Poly provides a tailored solution to every customer so they can get the perfect system. UniFirst continues to order Shop Towel systems for their facilities across the country. Advanced Poly continuously works with its customer even after the sale by providing equipment training, service, and supplies to meet packaging demands.