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Friday, February 01, 2019 09:37:12 PM

This section is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Our expert technical machine personnel are gathering up data on recent applications to describe the Problems Reported along with Solutions Provided by Advanced Poly.

Success stories are provided to describe real-world solutions, but also inform customers of issues encountered either in the application, startup or operation.  Success stories will not be posted to paint a warm and cozy picture, but to provide a real-word account of the entire process from evaluation to execution, from our initial contact with the customer to the final site acceptance testing and operator training.  

Our evaluation process describes our expectations, and we communicate these expectation in a formal report which includes:  estimated production rates, description of the proposed method, anticipated level of accuracy and any concerns with the operation.  Our evaluation also includes obtaining customer information such as their expectations for the system in terms of level of automation, production and accuracy.

Real-world bagging operations are sometimes messy but in these situations Advanced Poly really excels.  We love to work with customers to solve problems; it's what makes this "job" fun.  We also love to hear about the success of the system, especially when the system exceeds the customer's expectations.  When it does, we also enjoy working with customer to make improvements.

Providing a solution requires a partnership between Advanced Poly and the customer/user.  We are always exited when we hear of new applications but we are also excited to provide and describe "repeat" solutions.  This section is for that purpose.

So, stay tuned for some real-work success stories!