T-1000 Funnels

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T-1000 Funnels

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Funnel, Size 2, With 1" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-02
Funnel, Size 3, With 1.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-03
Funnel, Size 4, with 2" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-04
Funnel, Size 5, with 2.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-05
Funnel, Size 6, with 3" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-06
Funnel, Size 7, With 3.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-07
Funnel, Size 8, With 4" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-08
Funnel, Size 9, With 4.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-09
Funnel, Size 10, With 5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-10
Funnel, Size 11, with 5.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-11
Funnel, Size 12, with 6" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-12
Funnel, Size 13, with 6.5" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-13
Funnel, Size 14, with 7" Opening
Sku : TO-T1-FU-14
Extension, Funnel (Standard Funnel)
Sku : TO-T1-FU-EXT
Funnel Kit, Complete: Sizes 2-14
Sku : TO-T1-FU-KIT
Hardware kit required for the first installation of a funnel to a T-1000. If a funnel is on your machine, this kit is not required for additional funnels. This is only needed if your machine has no hardware for a funnel, such as when a light curtain is pr

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Product Code:
  • TO-T1-FU
Standard funnels for T-1000. Choose from any size funnel based on your bag size or order the complete kit of all sizes. If this is your first time attaching a funnel on your equipment, you will need to purchase the correct hardware kit. Please order TO-T1-FU-HWKIT. If you have an existing funnel on your equipment and are purchasing a new size, this kit is not necessary. Please see all documents below for further detail.
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pdfTO-T1-FU Assembly Instructions(561.12 KB )Download
pdfT-1000 Funnel Manual(160.93 KB )Download
pdfStandard Funnel Drawing(1.1 MB )Download


Funnels for the T-1000 Bagger are available with a variety of opening sizes, ranging from 1" to 7". Please refer to the illustration below.

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T-1000 Funnels


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