Tinted LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

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Tinted LLDPE Linear Low/ Low Density Blend Film

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Film, Blue Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Blue
Film, Blue Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Blue
Film, Purple Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Purple
Film, Grey Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Grey
Film, Yellow Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Yellow
Film, Yellow Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Yellow
Film, Pink Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Pink
Film, Pink Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Pink
Film, Green Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Green
Film, Green Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Green
Film, Red Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Red
Film, Orange Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Orange
Film, Blue Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Blue
Film, Repro Mix Tinted LLDPE (Grade 4)
Sku : D5-FILM06-4-Mix
Film, Purple Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Purple
Film, Purple Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Purple
Film, Grey Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Grey
Film, Grey Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Grey
Film, Yellow Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Yellow
Film, Pink Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Pink
Film, Green Tinted LLDPE (Grade 2)
Sku : D5-FILM06-2-Green
Film, Red Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Red
Film, Red Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Red
Film, Orange Tinted LLDPE (Grade 1)
Sku : D5-FILM06-1-Orange
Film, Orange Tinted LLDPE (Grade 3)
Sku : D5-FILM06-3-Orange

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TINTED LLDPE is lower cost than printed bags, larger print area for thermal printing, and extends print head life. Applies to FDA

Additional Film Data Sheets are available in the Documents tab under the "Film Data Sheets" category.

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1-4mil thickness, color tinted film


1.00 LBS