Updates from Fastener Fair USA 2019


Advanced Poly Packaging - Updates from Fastener Fair USA 2019

The opening of Fastener Fair this year featured a Motown Party at the GM Renaissance Center (@FastenerFairUSA). This welcome reception/networking event was the kick-off for this annual show featuring 25 exhibitors representing manufacturers, suppliers, and testing labs.

Advanced Poly visits Detroit for the first time! But we are no strangers to Fastener shows. Our largest market is fasteners as well as hardware kits, smaller bulk fasteners packaging and general parts packaging. Our product line has developed over the years by improvements to ruggedness, accuracy, and performance without sacrificing safety. In Detroit, we showcased our long-standing systems for this industry demonstrating fully automatic systems as well as hand-loading systems to meet the requirements for large and smaller bagging operations. We also emphasize the need for variety in bagging operations since most customers package in very short runs AND very long runs. Our various systems can accommodate both and everything in between.

Detroit Montage

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