Our Company


Advanced Poly was started by Tony Baker in 1979 as an Engineering company (SEMPAC) specializing in engineering for packaging applications.  In 1987 the company name was changed to Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. when the company started producing packaging materials (poly bags) and packaging equipment (bagging and other packaging systems). 


Our poly bag capabilities have continued to grow with extrusion, flexographic printing and poly bag converting.  We extrude a variety of films including high strength linear-low polyethylene, biodegradable, volatile corrosive inhibitor, antistatic, and UV protective films. We extrude any of these films in various colors and various levels of opacity to include tinted films.  


With a strong foundation in engineering, Advanced Poly provides not only off-the-shelf bagging systems but also complex, customized solutions where our equipment is completely integrated to robotics, inspection, production and processing equipment.  We offer evaluation services so that customers are fully aware of the system capabilities and concerns regarding the application.


Our mission is simple:  “Provide equipment which is safe, user friendly, durable and easy to maintain. Design it with the lowest possible cost of ownership.  Then, support the equipment 110%.  If successful, customers will reward us by purchasing materials for the equipment from Advanced Poly.”  We believe that our efforts in this regard are exactly what our customers need.  



Tony Baker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, passed away on Saturday morning, July 9th, 2022. Tony started the company in 1987 which has grown to operating out of three facilities in Akron, Ohio (Film Division), Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Machine Division) and the UK (Sales/Service and Warehouse, distributing to Europe).
Working alongside his sons, Stuart and Gary, for the past 30+ years, they will continue his legacy with the same dedication to employees, customers and suppliers. Steve, the youngest Son, has his own business and supplies machined and fabricated parts to the company which are present in every model machine produced by the company as well each bag production machine which produces pre-opened bags on rolls.
Tony has touched many lives and will be dearly missed by his beloved wife, family, friends and coworkers.