Bagmatic A/S

Zip: 2820
Country: Denmark
City: Gentofte
Address: Sandtoften 10

Bagmatic® is an exclusive distributor for products produced by Advanced Poly-Packaging. We offer a full range of bagging machines and bagging equipment anything from semi-automatic baggers to fully automatic, multiple parts kits packaging, scales, counters, in and out feeds coneyors etc.

We have in stock standard machines for demonstration at our facilities in Scandinavia as well as in Germany, and we welcome you to contact us regarding any bag packaging project you might have. Whether it is printed bags, or you wish to print on the bag as you go along using our unique Next Bag Out Technology, our bag sealing machines, known as bagging machines will enable you to speed up any packaging process you are currently doing by hand and at the same time enjoy the flexinility of our machines and complete range of bagging equipment shown on this website

For further information, please call Bagmatic® +45 7022 0126 or send an email to and we will contact you within 48 hours.