Stock Bags

Bagging is our business, so we always have bags in stock. Choose from dozens of sizes, usually available for shipment within hours of your order! Advanced Poly BagsTM (pre-opened bags on rolls) for emergency production shortages. Our stock bag sizes range from 2"x 3" to 10"x 12" and from 1.5-mil to 4-mil thickness. Our high-quality pre-opened bags on rolls allow for maximum production on automatic or semiautomatic equipment.

Take advantage of our blanket order Program! You can get large quantity price breaks, but take delivery over a period of 6 months. Never run out of bags-we manufacture and store them in our warehouse. Shipping and billing takes place on scheduled release dates. (or sooner per your request)

Whether large quantities or just a few rolls at a time APPI offers dozens of stock bags ready for shipment within hours of receiving you emergency order. See our overstock bag listing for an extensive list of savings!

Note: If you are currently buying from our competitors, you should send APP samples because some of our competitors do not advertise their actual gauge/mil thickness! APP film thickness is as advertised within the industry tolerance of +/- 10%.