Repairs, Installations, and Service

Repairs, Installations, and Service Calls

APPI can travel to your facility to service your machine. Has your maintenance department been working on a machine for a week and still can't get it running? Have one our expert technicians come to your rescue! With years of experience and intense training, our technicians can usually get your machine up and running in one day! No one knows our equipment better than the hands that assemble and repair it every day. We also offer you to send in your machine for repairs at our facility. Having production at a stand still can be costly to a business. Loss of profits continue adding up. A new machine is not always the answer.

When a new machine is necessary, based on your location, we can advise the cost of our technicians to come install your machine. A new unit, especially a custom system, can require an experienced technician to properly install. APPI offers a New Install Checklist Form in our documents section so you can be ready to start running at a faster production rate than ever before! To make this new productivity even more successful, you'll need a trained operator. Training will be provided for all your operators so they can become as efficient as your new equipment. Our service department has years of experience in operating, repairing, and troubleshooting APPI equipment


Periodic Maintenance

APPI wants to see our equipment lasting years for our customers. We offer service contracts to have continued support from our technicians. Once a year, APPI will travel to your facility to replace spare/ wear parts, update settings, clean all components, and fix any issues. If you have an actual problem with a machine, you can change your maintenance date to have a technician out to fix your system instead of also having a service call. Preventative maintenance extends equipment's lifespan. Let us quote you today!



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