Part Counters

Fast and Accurate!

Whether bagging fasteners, hardware, electronics, or other components, the Ultra Count Series counters provide the flexibility and speed to get the job done accurately and quickly. Look at our models UC-2400, UC-3000, and UC-3600.

Special Features

  • Thick coated stainless-steel bowls provide long life even when running abrasive or sharp parts.
  • Drop Gates and Skivers provide separation for accurate parts flow.
  • Programmable photo-eye capable of counting only those parts that are within a set range of acceptance.
  • Single or dual-accumulator for accurate separation and accumulation of parts.
  • Rugged and heavy framework with “two-cushion” suspension for smooth, accurate parts flow.
  • Standard fasteners can be recalled from a database for automatic eye and bowl setup.
  • Integrated Belt System.
  • Conveyor System automatically increases or decreases speed with the Vibratory Bowl for maximum production.
  • Design allows Bowl to be set lower for easier filling. (Hopper Feeders or Ultra-Feed Incline/Vibratory Hopper Conveyors are optional).

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