T-1000 Production Baggers

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is our "top-of-the-line bagger". It is no wonder the T-1000 is also our best-selling machine! Designed for long or short runs, the T-1000 has the capability of cycling over 100 bags per minute, faster than any operator could manually feed.

The T-1000 is also fast enough to keep up with automatic infeed equipment including vibratory bowl counters, scales and infeed conveyors. The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is also designed to run inline with punch/stamp presses, injection mold machines, blister machines and other continuous feed manufacturing equipment for inline bagging.

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ can reduce your packaging costs with high speeds, versatility, reliability and simplicity.  Our T-1000 line of high-end poly-baggers is designed to handle a wide variety of applications. We can customize any machine to fit your needs. Take a look at our products to see which will work best for your business.




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Standard Features

"User-Friendly" Touch Screen Interface Panel: Change settings "on the fly”, turn on counters or other options, control machine speed, or other auxiliary equipment. Programmable for up to thirty settings. Quickly position the operator panel wherever you desire with a long arm extension and ball joint mounting bracket.

Patented "PTFE Shield" moves  PTFE anti-stick sealing sheet away from heater bar, except when sealing, for extended PTFE sheet life up to 10 times the life of standard sealers.

Uses Advanced Poly-Bags™ (pre-opened bags on rolls, manufactured by Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.) with sizes ranging from 2" x 3" to 14" x 30" and thickness from 1 mil to 5 mil. T-1000 "Wide" uses bags ranging from 4" x 6" to 18" x 36".

Designed with a small footprint and equipped rugged casters, the T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is designed for easy movement to various production cells throughout your plant.

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is crafted from the highest quality components and materials to withstand the most rigorous manufacturing environment. We guarantee long life with minimal maintenance (one year parts warranty).

Energy Conservation & Component Saver provides for extended component life. The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ is programmed to turn off components when not in use including the touch screen, motor, air and heater bar.

Four internal counters are standard:

  • 1) Preset Counter - the bagger stops when the predetermined count has been reached.
  • 2) Totaling Counter - reset this counter at the beginning of each shift or day to record packaging production over a period of time.
  • 3) Continuous Strip Counter - set the number of bags (not separated at the perforation) to feed in a continuous strip.
  • 4) Maintenance Counter - total machine cycle counter for preventative maintenance/component inspection intervals.

Anti-Jam Device - Detects obstructions in the seal area, automatically reverses the pressure bar and stops the cycle operation.

Technical assistance screens provide access to INPUT/OUTPUT IO without removing covers.

Pop-up troubleshooting screens indicate operation messages as well as fault conditions.

Your new T-1000 will need high quality preopened bags on rolls. Allow us to design the perfect bag for your application.


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  1. Vertical Loading T-1000 Baggers

    Vertical Loading T-1000 Baggers

    Product Code:
    • T-T1000V
    The vertical loading bagger with endless applications. APPI's most popular bagger. Seamlessly integrates our line of scales, parts counters, conveyors, and printers. Configuration of your system provided to match your needs. Learn More
  2. ST-1000 Automatic Towel Bagging System

    ST-1000 Automatic Towel Bagging System

    Product Code:
    • T-ST1000

    The ST-1000 Automatic Towel Inspection and Bagging System can bag up to 7,500 shop towels per hour with one operator. Actually, the operator is only needed if your application includes visual inspection of the product before it is bagged. It's easy to see the cost saving possibilities!



    Learn More
  3. Horizontal Loading T-1000 Baggers

    Horizontal Loading T-1000 Baggers

    Product Code:
    • T-T1000H
    The horizontal loading bagger. Ergonomically friendly. Perfect for product which isn't packaged easily with traditional baggers such as clothing, gaskets, and much more! Learn More
  4. Horizontal Loading Incline T-1000 Bagger

    Horizontal Loading Incline T-1000 Bagger

    Product Code:
    • T-T1000HI
    The horizontal incline bagger is one more improvement on the T-1000. Learn More

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