See us at Clean Show July 30-August 2, 2022

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See our ST-1000 Production Bagger in action. 

The ST-1000 Automatic Towel Inspection and Bagging System can bag up to 7,500 shop towels per hour with one operator. Actually, the operator is only needed if your application includes visual inspection of the product before it is bagged. It's easy to see the cost saving possibilities!

Product is pulled from the dual hopper/ conveyor and dropped to a conveyor, where it can be inspected, if necessary. When the product reaches the desired (programmed) weight, the conveyor advances the product to a waiting, open bag on the T-1000 Poly Bagger. The bag is sealed and conveyed to a shipping container or otherwise collected.

Why weigh the product instead of counting it? Weighing is faster and usually more accurate than counting and it's what our customers told us they want. You can actually have it either way with the ST-1000 since wieght can be converted from count. Once the weight is established, you can simply let the machine operate and walk away. The system is driven by the T-1000 Advanced Poly bagger and its reputation for speed, relability, versatility, and simplicity!