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Heater Cartridges

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Heater Cartridges

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Heater Cartridge, 110V/800W tp-217116 Note: Voltage is enscribed on the cartridge surface (cylinder). Confirm the correct voltage before installation. APP supplies this component with a PTFE sleeve, crimped connectors and a two-pin nylon connector f
Sku : TP-217116
Cartridge, Heater 800W 220V
Sku : TP-217116-1
Cartridge, Heater (Wide Bags) 120 V, 850 W 0.496" Dia +/- 0.002" 13.5" OAL +/- 0.27" 0.25" Nominal Disk End No Heat 40% (320W) / 20% (160W) / 40% (320W) IN EQUAL LENGTH 1.5" Nominal Lead End No Heat 16" Swaged In PTFE Leads and Seal 304 SS Sheath
Sku : TP-217116-2
Heater Cartridge, Distributed Heat 110V/800W (T-1000, all 14" models) To combat heat loss at the ends of the heater cartridge, 3" ends are 22% hotter and the center causing a more evenly distrubuted temperature range. This heater cartridge is recommended
Sku : TP-217116-3
Heater Cartridge, Distributed Heat 220V/850W SAME AS J13J-15033 EXCEPT 220 VOLTS .5" NOM OD X 13.5" NOM OAL 220 VOLT 850 WATTS DISTRIBUTED WATTAGE .25" NOM DISK COLD 3 " NOM DISK HEATED 225 WATTS 6.75" NOM CENTER HEATED 400 WATTS 3" N
Sku : TP-217116-4
Cartridge, Heater, 850W, 220 V (T-1000-W18)
Sku : TP-217116-W18-220V
Heater Cartridge, 10-3/4" L x 3/8" Dia 600W Heater is for a TYVEK Bagger and installs on the presure bar 48" Long Leads
Sku : TP-217118

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NOTE: Heater Cartridges are normally bought in pairs.


If you need help determining which heater cartridge is necessary for your machine, you can download a manual or contact one of our skilled technicians by going to the "Contact Us" tab.

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