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Heater Cartridges

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Heater Cartridges

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Product Name Price Qty
Cartridge, Heater 400W/120V
Sku : TP-217117
Heater Cartridge, 110V/800W
Sku : TP-217116
Cartridge, Heater 800W 220V
Sku : TP-217116-1
Cartridge, Heater (Wide Bags) 120 V, 850W
Sku : TP-217116-2
Heater Cartridge, Distributed Heat 110V/800W (T-1000, all 14" models)
Sku : TP-217116-3
Heater Cartridge, Distributed Heat 220V/850W
Sku : TP-217116-4
Cartridge, Heater, 850W, 220 V (T-1000-W18)
Sku : TP-217116-W18-220V
Cartridge, Heater, 400W/240V
Sku : TP-217117-1
Heater Cartridge, 10-3/4" L x 3/8" Diameter 600W Heater is for a TYVEK Bagger.
Sku : TP-217118

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Heater Cartridges are available for different configurations and applications, including for Standard and Wide Baggers, as well as with different wattage ratings and thermal characteristics. Cartridges for Tabletop models are sold as two parts, as two elements are required for a single Heater Bar.

If you need help determining which Heater Cartridge is necessary for your machine, you can download a manual or contact one of our skilled technicians by going to the "Contact Us" tab.

Note: Voltage is inscribed on the cartridge surface (cylinder). Confirm the correct voltage before installation



Cartridges for Bagger Heater Bar assemblies. Refer to the matrix below for Heater Cartridge characteristics, including wattage, voltage, and heating pattern. Note: Distributed Heat improves temperature distribution across the width of the Heater Bar for more consistent sealing.

Heater Cartridge Matrix

Heater Cartridge Illustration 2

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