Seal Rods

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Seal Rods

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4.25" Seal Rods, (S-18)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-W18
5.25" Seal Rods, (S-18)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-W18-1
6.25" Seal Rods, (S-18)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-W18-2
7.25" Seal Rods, (S-18)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-W18-3
5.25" Seal Rod (5.25" Pass-Thru)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-1
6.25" Seal Rod (6.25" Pass-Thru)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-2
7.25" Seal Rod (7.25" Pass-Thru)
Sku : TP-T1MB00033-3
4.25" Seal Rod (4.25" Pass-Thr
Sku : TP-T1MB00033

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Seal Rods for the T-1000 differ based on the Pass-Through size of the Bagger. If you need assistance, please contact us.


Seal Rods differ based on the Pass-Through size of the Bagger, and are available in 4 different lengths for both Standard and Wide Baggers. 

• TP-T1MB00033 - Standard Width; 4.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-1 - Standard Width; 5.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-2 - Standard Width; 6.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-3 - Standard Width; 7.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-W18 - Wide (18"); 4.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-W18-1 - Wide (18"); 5.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-W18-2 - Wide (18"); 6.25" Pass-Through

• TP-T1MB00033-W18-3 - Wide (18"); 7.25" Pass-Through

Please note whether your machine is a Standard or Wide Bagger, and refer to the illustrations below and compare to your existing part. This will help in determining which configuration is correct for your machine before placing your order. Please ensure you select the correct rod for your size. If you need assistance picking the correct rod, please contact us.

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