T-1000 Lexan Guards

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T-1000 Lexan Guards

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Lexan Guard,T-1000
Sku : TP-T1MD00116
Lexan Guard, T-1000 7.25" Pass Through
Sku : TP-T1MD00116-4
Lexan Guard, T-1000
Sku : TP-T1MD00116-1
Lexan Guard, T-1000-W18
Sku : TP-T1MD00116W18
Lexan Guard, T-1000 5.25" Pass Through
Sku : TP-T1MD00116-2
Wide Lexan Guard, 7 1/4" Pass Through T-1000-W18
Sku : TP-T1MD00116W18-3
Lexan Guard, T-1000 6.25" Pass Through
Sku : TP-T1MD00116-3

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  • TP-1000LEXAN

T-1000 Lexan Guards

If your machine has a Bag Opener you MUST inform APPI as this will change your Lexan.


There are different Lexan Guard designs based upon Bagger Pass-Through size and Bagger Width. Please refer to the illustrations below and compare to your existing part. This will help in determining which Lexan Guard is correct for your machine before placing your order. Pay particular attention to the dimensions!


More Lexan Guard Graphics


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